Quality Services in Renewable Energy


What We Do

  • Turbine daily monitoring
  • Placement of Technical site representative
  • Wind Farm Quality inspection
  • Forecasting and penalty study
  • Statutory payments follow up
  • Contractual compliance & RA guaranty
  • Insurance of asset and Generation Loss
  • Technological update
  • O&M of Solar Power Plant
  • Installation of Solar Power plant
Daily Turbine Monitoring.

1. One engineer at field to monitor WEC functions along with Mobile, Bike and computer facility

2. Daily Generation monitoring

3. Site update on WhatsApp group

4. Weekly and Monthly Generation analysis details (MA, GA, PLF, CF)

5. Provide Monthly RAG (Resource Availability Guaranty) data

6. Monitor Power Line and substation operations

7. Monitor Material flow of center store of site

Placement of Technical site representative.

1. Depute site engineer for daily monitoring of WTGs
2. Central team available for coordination with OEM
3. Experienced team available for High level escalation of asset issue
4. Healthy relation with OEM team for timely information and uptime of machine

Service in Solar Energy

1. We Provide O&M or Development of New Project.

2. Calculation of ROI of Project.

3. We prove a service of Site survey, Digitization, feasibility of civil and electrical infrastructure.

4. Load Flow Study.

5. We provide a Third party inspection of Installed Project.

6. All type of material for solar power plant.

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