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Our Services In Wind Energy Sector

Turbine Daily Monitoring

One engineer at field to monitor WEC functions along with Mobile, Bike and computer facility. Daily Generation monitoring. Site update on whattsup group. Weekly and Monthly Generation analysis details ( MA, GA, PLF, CF). Provide Monthly RAG (Resource Availability Guaranty ) data. Monitor Power Line and substation operations. Monitor Material flow of center store of site.

Placement of Technical Site Representative

Depute site engineer for daily monitoring of WTGs. Central team available for coordination with OEM. Experienced team available for High level escalation of asset issue. Healthy relation with OEM team for timely information and uptime of machine.

Quality Inspections

Machine technical quality inspection. Transformer testing and Oil analysis. Gear box oil analysis. Earth resistance and Insulation resistance test. Over all Health status card. End of warranty inspection. Due Diligence asset audit.

Owners Managers Services

Contract building, Risk Assessment and identification of construction challenges and its mitigation plans, stakeholders assessment for Dependability success rates.

Owners Engineers Services

This is a construction management along with strict monitoring of safety, Health and environmental concerns practices at site. We, at Mantra Renewable, educates all the stakeholder's pst kick off meeting to obtain commitment for better compliance as a proactive measure. We also undertake Substation design and its review, Foundation design and it is review along with Comparison of Balance of plant Specification related to civil and electrical. Owners engineer services involves precise Inspection call Management system for execution and Factory Acceptance Test (AFT).

Warranty Inspections / Technical due Diligence

Warranty Inspection includes Technical Evaluation of Wind Turbine and Its Infrastructure including Electrical and Civil. It is been done on scale of qualitative upkeep with its current status and risk assessment reference to Technical specification, Maintenance Procedures and compliances to O & M contract for Operational reliability and Healthiness.